Friday, September 11, 2015

Hey Everyone!

I am Emely, I am a Sophomore here at Rhode Island College. My major is medical imaging! I actually had originally enrolled in the same course last year, it was an online course. I became a little uncomfortable with the online course, unfortunately having to drop the class. I was pretty upset with the decision, because I was actually very interested in learning more about feminism, but the online course doesn't offer much of the hands-on assignment as it does for the in class course. This definitely explains my excitement for what this class has in-stored for us! Over the summer, believe it or not, I only had gone to the beach three times since May, from then on I worked all summer long, I attended a few gatherings with a group of friends. When I am not in class, I am at either one job or the other, catching up with friends, or just hanging around. This concludes my blog, thank you everyone! I'm really looking forward to this class.