Thursday, December 10, 2015

Blog Post #5

"Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence" by: Adrienne Rich

Reading the article threw me off the main idea every now and then, but as I got further into the reading, and after looking over Orlando's blog, Rich begins to expose where she's coming from when she speaks of "Compulsory Heterosexuality" and "Lesbian Existence." To begin, the whole point that she gets across is that some women in today's society are taught to be heterosexuals and that being lesbianism doesn't exist. Coming to a more clear understanding of some people in today's society who are still getting familiar with people liking the opposite sex. Emma and Orlando also made a good point relating to Disney. Where legit almost every Disney princess meets a guy they fall in love and how this guy has to fight for their love or this guy tries to have some power over a girl. Going back to Lesbian Existence, where Rich stated in the article, "I am concerned here with two and why women's choice of women as a passionate comrades, life partners, co-workers, lovers, community has been crushed, invalidated, forced into hiding and disguise; and the virtual or total neglect of lesbian existence.."(82). I can honestly say that the women who are passionate for other women disguise and hide themselves because in a way they're pretty much told to shut up, because heterosexuality is so powerful in today's society, it's taken upon movies, t.v shows, soap operas and much more.

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