Thursday, December 10, 2015

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Tough Guise/What are little boys made of:

After watching the film and reading the article, I learned many different aspects of male/masculinity. As stated a few times in the film about, feminists mainly focusing on the women's movement, and also in the article, "America has been so focused on girls that we've forgotten about the boys"(157). I could say I have to disagree because, violence is today's main focus on male behavior due to these violence displayed in movies, t.v shows. Through these media, boys are taught at a very young age to not be a, "fag" or "little girl" etc. because that shows lack of power towards anyone. "In order to gain power and control is over a gun or as many as possible; 300 million guns in America; 2/3 older white men own these guns." This was stated in the film by the narrator, elaborating more on it, majority of these gun owners are NOT hunters. Going back to how some men argue about feminists that don't necessarily focus on men issues, it's a lot more realistic when there are men and boys who actually believe that their testosterone rises at an all time high which causes violence. "Approximately 86% of gun deaths are men." Bottom line is, these people aren't violent, they're just developed to today's society in a false masculine way, which I believe has to come to an agreement with the government to redefine the label of masculinity. 

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